Employment of a professionally executed surveillance operation is one of the most effective means of defending against fraudulent worker’s compensation and bodily injury claims.

Appleby & Associates has the finest surveillance experts available. Our investigators are of various ethnic backgrounds, both male and female, and are given assignments suited to the needs of the target and the community where the surveillance will take place. Mobile, Static, Foot, Body Worn Covert Video, and Covert Unmanned Surveillance technology are employed to provide our clients with unbiased, courtroom admissible evidence as to the target’s mobility and activity compared to his or her allegations of disability.

Appleby & Associates is not a “surveillance mill”! We do not subcontract to the lowest bidder and we do not employ inexperienced investigators. We plan and manage our surveillances as thoroughly as we do any other investigation. Therefore, we complete a comprehensive pre-surveillance background check, including area mapping, vehicle verification, assessment of potential areas of travel, and social media to ensure the opportunity for a more successful outcome for the client. Our mission is to provide video evidence of the Claimant’s activity or at the very least provide you with more valuable information than you had when you hired us.

Our Process

Besides our unyielding commitment to our collective success, the key to our high results is in the detailed/consistent management of our surveillance cases. We go beyond surveillance and actually perform an in-depth investigation of each case, verifying home address, vehicles, and uncovering activity indicators. We are not watchers, we are highly organized and plan for conclusive evidence.

Prior to every investigation, we factor in:

  • Claimant’s age
  • Suspected habits
  • Location Verification
  • Previous work schedule
  • Demographics
  • Social media and online activities

This methodology, combined with our experienced and dedicated investigators, produces significantly better results which resolves claims and in-turn reduces your company’s exposure.

We often recommend installing an unmanned covert camera in the area of the target’s residence for a couple of days to develop a more accurate assessment of the target’s level of activity. This increases the opportunity to obtain video at times when the target is usually active. Knowledge of general patterns of activity can be vital to capturing the target outside the residence reducing probability of the investigator getting “burned” or raising the awareness of the target.

At Appleby & Associates, LLC, we realize there is no “cookie cutter” approach to successful surveillance operations. They are all unique and as different as the targets and require planning and focus on the little things to be a success. Every advantage must be exploited to the greatest extent possible. Our investigators average over 70% success rate for target activity.

We offer daily and case flat rate pricing which includes basic person background search, basic social media search, mileage, travel time, report writing, and same day status updates on your case. Additionally, we travel to the surveillance area and conduct a surveillance assessment prior to beginning any surveillance operation for our clients. Yes…I said BEFORE starting your case. That means it’s free! We do this to assess what tactics and equipment will be required for success of the investigation. The surveillance environment dictates which approach best accomplishes the mission. Our mission is to obtain activity and information to assist you in determining how to proceed with your suspected fraudulent claim. It is best practice to verify the operational requirements before getting on scene and realizing you’re not prepared for success.

Give us an opportunity to demonstrate our passion for our work and be the beneficiary of our focused effort and commitment to excellence!

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result!”  – Oscar Wilde