Background Investigations / Data Research

Appleby & Associates’ team of experienced and skilled Research Analysts utilize both subscriber based and public database resources, as well as, proprietary sources of data that are available to the insurance industry and licensed/insured investigative agencies, to locate the information requested by the client. Additionally, some information can only be obtained the old fashion way….leather to the pavement!

As with everything we do, we focus on results! Our goal is to provide our clients with “verified – at the source data” that you can actually use to make the critical decisions for why you endeavored our services. If you have hired private investigators in the past, your experience may be that you didn’t really get anything more than you already knew or information is returned that doesn’t improve your circumstance. Allow us an opportunity to change your perspective! We go beyond the point, click, paste to letterhead, and invoice mentality of some agencies.

Background Investigations - Data Research

Appleby & Associates goes beyond the surface and does a deep dive to uncover information that is lawfully obtained and helpful to resolving your claim or legal issue.

The following services, among others, are offered to assist you:

  • Background Checks
  • Criminal & Civil Records
  • Property Ownership
  • Drivers’ License Information
  • Police Report Retrieval
  • Corporate / Business Searches
  • Asset Checks
  • Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Skip Tracing – Locates
  • Phone Searches
  • Medical Research (Release Required)

Thorough and accurate information research can minimize or even negate the need for more expensive surveillance and investigative services. At the very least, valid information about your Target will increase the chances of success in field operations. All of our investigations include a comprehensive data search as part of the service. However, in some cases, there is a need for a more focused look at certain data to uncover the critical information needed to close the claim or win the case!