About Us

Appleby & Associates, LLC is a licensed and insured private investigation agency providing professional investigative services to the insurance industry, law firms, and corporations throughout the State of Georgia and the Southeast.

Our agency is led by a former military Special Agent who has been awarded a Bronze Star. That same leadership culture, commitment, and devotion to service is what guides our core values and day-to-day performance goals. Whether you are an insurance carrier, law firm, third-party administrator, independent claims service, a self-insured, or corporation, we will prove ourselves to be an indispensable partner supporting your objectives from the beginning all the way through litigation if necessary. We don’t just sell investigative services, we bring you solutions!

Appleby & Associates is not your usual investigative agency. We are dedicated to high standards of excellence and expertise. Therefore, we intentionally keep our company small enough that we can maintain control of our processes and quality of our product. Your case will be worked by an experienced and determined investigator who will always conduct your business with high ethical standards. Further, we are able to provide our clients with prompt and courteous service fostering the vital communication that is necessary for consistency of purpose, direction, and success. This is why we consistently exceed our client’s expectations. We truly care about results for our clients and we strongly believe your reputation is as important as ours. We realize that success for us both is inextricably linked.

Our Vision

Appleby & Associates is a trusted and preeminent investigative agency, synchronized with an evolving strategic environment. A reliable and indispensable partner, recognized for excellence and providing consistent, expert solutions for clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior professional investigative solutions which routinely exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations. Appleby & Associates will deliver these exceptional investigative services through our commitment to quality, client-centered communication, extensive experience, and unwavering commitment to our clients’ success.

Our Goals

Provide the best investigative solutions available in the marketplace at the lowest possible rates. Commit to continually improve existing operational capabilities through strategic planning, effective teamwork and utilization of innovative resources/technologies. Eliminate errors, waste, and client dissatisfaction. Create a culture-based trust and respect from all clients seeking our assistance. Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to our clients’ needs.

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